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Climate Services and Related Applications (CLIMSA)


Délégation Union Européenne (Botswana)

Titre : Climate Services and Related Applications (CLIMSA)

Pays : Botswana

Date : 2020-2024

As a result of more frequent and severe natural disasters in the SADC region, decision-makers are increasingly concerned by the adverse impacts of climate change and variability on their climate-sensitive sectors. The purpose of the €8 million CLIMSA is to build capacity for effective use of science-based climate prediction and information services by SADC member states. This will help in their efforts to adapt to climate change and climate variability by integrating these services in their national and regional planning processes, including in disaster preparedness.

Financement : €8 million

Délégation Union Européenne (Botswana)

Page publiée le 25 octobre 2022