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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2022)

Potentiality of rain enhancement programs in the area of Cyprus

Μούσκος Παναγιώτης Χ.

Titre : Potentiality of rain enhancement programs in the area of Cyprus

Δυνητικότητα εφαρμογής προγραμμάτων αύξησης βροχής στην περιοχή της Κύπρου

Auteur : Μούσκος Παναγιώτης Χ.

Etablissement de soutenance : Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2022

The purpose of this thesis was to investigate whether the area of Cyprus has the potentiality for the application of weather modification programs for rain enhancement. At first an introduction to the area of interest is being made including some climatological data and then follows a historical report for the physical hypotheses of cloud seeding as well as a listing of several experiments of static and dynamic seeding mode, that were conducted in various areas of the planet to find the effect of weather modification on clouds and their production of rainfall. An investigation of drought conditions follows, with the application of the PDSI index for six stations over coastal, lowland and mountainous areas of Cyprus and a calculation for each one of them is being made. The index trend for the future for most of them, appears to be towards mild drought conditions, a result that is in accordance with most of the estimations for the area of the Eastern Mediterranean. A ten-year period (2000-2009) is being examined for the synoptic circulation types that are characterized from unstable weather conditions and that affected the area. A classification of the types is constructed and also a correlation with the rainfall from 37 meteorological stations as well as the convective activity for each type is presented. The rainfall data were used for the development of a formula that could be used as a forecasting tool. The multiple regression method is applied and formulas that estimate the expected rain is developed for each one of the synoptic types. It is concluded that a rain enhancement program could experimentally be applied, since the area of interest is being affected with systems that have the potential of producing rain for almost half of the days in a year. Nevertheless, such an application should primarily be examined techno-economically so that the benefits of rain come at an affordable cost.

Mots clés : Συνοπτικοί τύποι κυκλοφορίας, Τροποποίηση καιρού, Weather modification, Rain enhancement, Δείκτης ξηρασίας PDSI, Synoptic types of circulation, Αύξηση βροχής, PDSI Drought Index


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