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University of Twente (2021)

The Opportunities in Chemical Recycling of Tires in Egypt.

Elmahalawy, Ahmed

Titre : The Opportunities in Chemical Recycling of Tires in Egypt.

Auteur : Elmahalawy, Ahmed

Etablissement de soutenance : University of Twente


This research outlines the opportunities of recycling tire waste chemically in Egypt. This will be done by identifying the waste to energy technologies that are most feasible to deal with tires. A deeper study will be made for a chosen waste to energy technology, namely pyrolysis. It will be examined to identify what are the governing process parameters, the different reactors and the products that can be expected from this process. Then the products will be studied to see how can they help in achieving an Egyptian circular economy. After which a brief LCA was done to know the amount of emissions to expect. The study also conducted an economic feasibility test which showed a return on investments of 54%. Lastly, the policies governing waste management in Egypt were identified as well as the challenges Egypt is facing. Then the highlights and recommendation for chemical recycling of tires in Egypt were explained.

Mots clés : chemical recycling, pyrolysis, gasification, circular economy, waste to energy technologies, LCA, economic.


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