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Infobase Publishing

Auteur(s) : Michael Allaby, Richard Garratt

Editeur : Infobase Publishing
Date de parution : 2006
Pages : 254


Life in the desert holds a range of biological adaptations. From camels to desert scorpions to snakes, the biodiversity of these areas is fascinating. Deserts presents the intricacies of this seemingly barren and harsh ecosystem, explaining how and why deserts form, where they are found on Earth, and their basic characteristics. Chapter-by-chapter coverage describes the fauna of the desert, the history of these habitats, the relationship of humanity to the deserts, the climate of desert areas, subtropical and polar deserts, and more. Deserts concludes with chapters on desert industries and threats to this ecosystem, including climate change, the spreading of deserts, overgrazing, and water depletion. New developments for managing the deserts are also discussed.

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