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Universiteit Leiden (2022)

Dispossessing Memory : Patterns of Dispossession in Tunisia

Falanesca, Camilla

Titre : Dispossessing Memory : Patterns of Dispossession in Tunisia

Auteur : Falanesca, Camilla

Université de soutenance : Universiteit Leiden

Grade : Research Master in Middle Eastern Studies 2022

This project investigates how memory contributes to the reproduction and contestation of processes of economic dispossession in Tunisia, examining more specifically the relation between memory and political economy in two directions. First, it investigates the dispossession of memory, that is : how the top-down manufacturing and mobilisation of collective memory has consolidated feelings of marginalisation and exclusion among subordinated individuals and social groups, aiming to perpetuate existing social and economic hierarchies. Second, this study also seeks to explore the memory of dispossession, particularly with reference to how the memory of dispossession is experienced from below and eventually contested. Building on Gramscian notions of hegemony, the project argues that struggles over memory are a crucial aspect in processes of dispossession, their reproduction from above, as well as challenges to them from below in Tunisia.


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