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Mongolia Livestock Sector Adaptation Project


Titre : Mongolia Livestock Sector Adaptation Project

Pays : Mongolia

Approuvé le : July 28, 2008

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Nature and Environment of Mongolia, Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Organisme de financement : Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) IFAD

Finalité et objectifs  : To reduce poverty and improve livelihoods of poor herder and Soum and Aimag centre households in the project area.

Expected Outputs
1. Up to 5,000 ha of degraded pasture restored in demonstration sites, including increased vegetation cover with different varieties of perennials that are tolerant to drought
2. Traditional pasture/grazing management techniques and indigenous practices captured and disseminated where appropriate through RMMCs
3. Innovative water harvesting techniques introduced in 400 ha
4. 20 mobile solar water units tested
5. Natural resource map updated to include climate induced variations
6. 204 RMMCs and 600 herders groups trained and enabled to implement autonomously adaptation measures

Informations financières
GEF Grant : 1,625,000 US$
Cofinancing Total : 3,500,000 US$
Project Cost : 5,125,000 US$

GEF (Global Environment Facility)

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