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North-East development project (Azerbaijan)


Pays : Azerbaijan

Approval date : 09/09/2004

Organisme d’exécution : Agency for Support to the Development of the Agricultural Private Sector (ASDAPS)

Durée : 2006 - 2011

Initiating institution : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Finalité et objectifs

The overall project goal is to improve living conditions for households that depend on irrigated agriculture in the target area, by supporting increased food security and income-generating opportunities. Most of the households targeted have received plots of land through the privatization scheme.
Azerbaijan depends to a large extent on the irrigated sector for rural employment and for national food security. Neglect and lack of maintenance have made the extensive Soviet-era irrigation and drainage system extremely inefficient, leading to a decline in agricultural productivity.
By 2002 the irrigation infrastructure in the target area was so degraded that only about 44 per cent of the area was under irrigation. The system needs major rehabilitation and improved management to ensure that it is carefully maintained and efficient in the future.
The project helps rehabilitate an irrigation area of about 30,300 ha. It builds the capacity of the six water users’ associations that will manage the system. Specific activities include :
1. helping water users’ associations establish systems that are financially viable, equitable and sustainable
2. helping small-scale farmers increase food production by introducing improved technologies
3. improving marketing and processing opportunities
4. making rural financial services available to small-scale farmers and other microentrepreneurs, especially women

Informations financières

Amount of IFAD grant : US$12.6 million
Total programme cost : US$17.8 million

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Report and Recommendation of the President to the Executive Board on a proposed loan to the Republic of Azerbaijan for the North-East Development Projects

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