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Smallholder Horticulture Marketing Programme


Titre : Smallholder Horticulture Marketing Programme

Pays : Kenya

Approval date : 18/04/2007
Durée : 2007 - 2013

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Agriculture and partners

Initiating institution : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Finalité et objectifs
Designed explicitly as a pilot initiative, the programme covers eight of Kenya’s 35 horticultural districts. Successful features will serve as models for replication in the remaining districts. The programme builds on lessons learned from recent IFAD initiatives in Kenya. It reinforces the strategy of improving farm productivity and incomes through community-based approaches to integrated rural development. The target group includes poor rural households and unemployed and underemployed people in areas of Kenya where horticulture is an important source of livelihood. Many poor small-scale farmers in those areas sell a portion of their output on the domestic market. Initially the programme will carry out a set of value chain analyses to identify constraints in the supply of inputs and in marketing chains. The programme will then focus on activities to remove as many of those constraints as possible without hindering natural, market-driven development.
The programme’s objectives are to increase incomes and reduce poverty in rural areas, and to improve the health and welfare of Kenyans by increasing the quality and quantity of horticultural produce they consume. It reinforces the work of the government’s Agricultural Sector Coordination Unit in the context of the national strategy to revitalize agriculture.

Informations financières
Approved IFAD loan : US$23.4 million
Approved IFAD grant : US$500,000
Contribution of borrower : US$1.62 million
Contribution of beneficiaries : US$1.04 million
Total programme cost : US$26.6 million

Présentation : IFAD

President’s report :

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