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Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project (Mali)


Titre : Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project (Mali)

Pays : Mali

Approval date : 16/09/2010

Organisme d’exécution : Ministère de l’agriculture
Initiating institution : Banque mondiale

Finalité et objectifs
The project is consistent with the objectives of the Government’s Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy Framework to ensure food security and increase the income of rural producers. It is also in line with the first and third strategic objectives of the Mali country strategic opportunities programme, namely to "increase and diversify agricultural production in order to improve household food security and goods accumulation" and to "develop and strengthen the capacities of farmers’ organizations to deliver technical and economic services to producers, and enhance their participation in local development processes".
The project seeks to increase the agricultural productivity of smallholder agricultural and agribusiness producers in the targeted production systems (irrigated rice and vegetables, rainfed cereals, cowpea, fodder and livestock) within project areas. This will be achieved through improving agricultural technologies, increasing arable land and providing capacity-building for stakeholders at all levels, with a special focus on women and youth.

The project will work with smallholder farmers ; producers’ organizations in the project area ; women and youth ; and grass-roots organizations to :
1. Transfer technology and service provision to agricultural producers to enhance modernization of smallholder farming systems and supply chains through the dissemination of innovative practices, including sustainable land and water management, and improved agricultural services.
2. Invest in small- and large-scale irrigation to finance infrastructure to improve water management.
3. Put in place a comprehensive programmatic approach and sector monitoring to support evolution towards a programmatic approach in the agricultural sector, policy dialogue and sector performance monitoring.

Informations financières

Approved IFAD loan : US$31.7 million
Approved IFAD grant : US$295,000
Cofinancing : European Union (US$19.5 million)
Cofinancing : World Bank : IDA (US$70.0 million)
Cofinancing : Global Environmental Facility (US$8.1 million)
Contribution de l’emprunteur : 27,7 millions d’USD
Contribution des bénéficiaires : 6,2 millions d’USD
Total programme cost : $163.5 million

Présentation : IFAD

President’s report : proposed loan and grant to the Republic of Mali for the Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project

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