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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) 2022

Vulnerabilidade e risco de seca em escala local : um estudo de caso no município de Milhã/CE

Machado Neto, Epaminondes Pinheiro

Titre : Vulnerabilidade e risco de seca em escala local : um estudo de caso no município de Milhã/CE

Auteur : Machado Neto, Epaminondes Pinheiro

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)

Grade : Mestrado em Geografia 2022

Studies that assess the vulnerability and risk of droughts are fundamental for the management and territorial planning in municipalities affected by water scarcity, especially in areas of the Brazilian semi-arid region, as well as the application of indicators on a local scale that make it possible to identify existing problems in districts and small communities. In this sense, the present research developed indicators of vulnerability and risk of drought on a local scale, having as a case study rural census sectors in the municipality of Milhã - Ceará, based on the adaptive capacity, susceptibility and socio-environmental exposure of the population in detail. To this end, indicators suitable for the scale of detail were prepared with data from the 2010 demographic sense and the 2016 agricultural sense of the IBGE and validated in field work with the application of interviews and environmental analysis of the municipality. In addition, for spatialization of the results, mapping of the indices and qualitative and quantitative discussion of the results was carried out based on bibliographies applied to the theme that support the choice of indicators and support the empirical work. Thus, the results obtained demonstrate that the study area has variation in aspects of exposure, susceptibility and adaptive capacity to drought in which there are districts with low economic concentration and sectors with greater intensification of activities and productive structures, increasing exposure and, in On the other hand, sectors with high adaptability potential are recorded because they have positive educational and social data, with a large literate population, as well as economic activities with good conditions of performance in techniques and financial potential to the detriment of areas with low structuring and with average incomes casualties. In addition, the main deficits identified were in the water structures and in the income conditions of the population, increasing vulnerability, which is high in seven sectors and average in three areas. only three registering a low level, that is, all indicators directly show that the rural areas of Milhã - Ceará need drought management with regulation of laws for the use of water, construction of pipelines, improvement in communication networks and creation of the water resources management council by census sectors, for this purpose, obtain better actions in reducing the risk of drought disasters.


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