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Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversites (2017)

Climate and drought analysis of the Seyhan and Ceyhan basins

UZUNKOL Muharrem

Titre : Climate and drought analysis of the Seyhan and Ceyhan basins

Seyhan ve Ceyhan havzalarının iklimi ve kuraklık analizi

Auteur : UZUNKOL Muharrem

Université de soutenance : Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversites

Grade : Master 2017

The Seyhan and Ceyhan basins, which constitutes our study area, are important regions in terms of agricultural activities. Approximately 40% of the basins are allocated to agriculture, making it important to know how the existing climate in the region is affected by climatic changes. Therefore, the climate of the basins was determined in detail and drought analysis was carried out using the rainfall and temperature data covering the 1970-2011 periodthat were obtained from 17 meteorological stations located in the basins and near environment. The methods including Thornthwaite Climate Classification, Erinç Drought Index, UNCCD Drought Index and SPI were used in this study, respectively. According to the Aridity Index values obtained from Adana, Karataş, Ulukışla, Niğde, Ceyhan, Kozan and Elbistan stations, these regions are considered as the regions with drought risk. The results obtained from these different research methods are usually parallel to each other. Seasonal and yearly indices of precipitation series between 1970 and 2011 were obtained by the SPI method, and then the relevant graphs were created using these indices.The precipitation distribution over the years was examined using these graphs, and the arid years were analyzed. An increasing trend in drought values has been observed according to the 12-month (annual) SPI, however a rainy period has been determined between 2008 and 2011. According to the 3-month (seasonal) SPI values, dry periods do not occur only in summer, butthe drought also occurs in different seasons of different years


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