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Atatürk Üniversitesi (2021)

Cultural geography of the Eastern Azerbaijan province (Iran)


Titre : Cultural geography of the Eastern Azerbaijan province (Iran)

Doğu Azerbaycan eyaleti’nin (İran) kültürel coğrafyası

Auteur : BABAEI Fariba

Université de soutenance : Atatürk Üniversitesi

Grade : DOKTORA TEZİ 2021

Cultural geography is a sub-discipline of human geography that examines the reasons for differences in cultures and human values in cultural areas. In this study, the physical and human geography of the East Azerbaijan Province, the characteristics, similarities and differences of its cultural values are examined. The research area covers the northwestern province of Iran in terms of geographical location. In general, about 40% of the study area, which is considered a mountainous region of East Azerbaijan, is mountainous. East Azerbaijan’s climate is generally cold and arid, so it is considered a semi-arid region. According to the division of the country’s catchment areas, the research area covers the basins of the Aras, Sefidrud, Gızılüzen and Urmiye lakes ; The largest area of the province is located in the water basin of Lake Urmia. According to the 2016 General Population and Housing Census, the population of East Azerbaijan Province is 3,909,652 people. East Azerbaijan Province has a special place in Iran’s economy due to its favorable geographical conditions, location, being on important transit routes, and its natural and human potentials. Its potentials have made this province one of the most important provinces of the country in various economic fields such as agriculture, industry, mining, trade and tourism. The aim of this study is to determine the spatial and social effects of the cultural characteristics of the Iranian East Azerbaijan Province, to associate the culture of the field with the geography and, accordingly, to reveal the positive or negative reflections of the geography on the culture of the region. In this thesis, the problems were investigated by analytical and ethnographic methods and tried to be solved through library resources. In the thesis, on-site travel, observation and interview methods were used to determine the material and spiritual cultural values. East Azerbaijan province has a deep-rooted history and a very rich culture, so its material and spiritual cultural values are very important. When the research area is examined in terms of cultural geography, the cold climate of the region has been effective on the lives of the people living there and therefore on their culture. For example, it can be seen that the fabrics they choose in the clothing culture, the materials and plans they use in the home culture, and their eating and drinking habits. In addition to natural conditions, religious beliefs and material and spiritual values such as the economic situation of the region have affected cultural assets


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