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Çankırı Karatekin Üniversitesi (2020)

Şanliurfa’s climate characteristics and drought analysis

İRCAN Mustafa Recep

Titre : Şanliurfa’s climate characteristics and drought analysis

Şanlıurfa’nın iklim özellikleri ve kuraklık analizi

Auteur : İRCAN Mustafa Recep

Université de soutenance : Çankırı Karatekin Üniversitesi

Grade : Master 2020

Since the world exists, climate and weather events are constantly changing due to their dynamic structure. Today, the most important problem related to climate is human-induced climate change. One of the most important consequences of climate change is drought. Especially in the middle of this zone, Turkey is one of the most affected area of the experiencing these changes. In this study, climate and drought characteristics of Şanlıurfa have been studied with climate elements and climate and drought analysis such as Erinç, Thornthwaite, UNCCD, De Martonne and SYİ. Considering the results obtained in the analysis, it is seen that many places on the site have arid and semi-arid characteristics and are fragile in terms of drought. If this situation is combined with the scenarios after the climate change, it is predicted that the site will be more affected by drought. The increase in drought is clearly seen in the precipitation and temperature parameters of the last 44 years. The same situation is manifested by the drought increasing in recent years in the analyzes made with the method of SYİ.


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