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Sakarya Üniversitesi (2019)

Drought analysis in Tuz Lake Basin

AKIN Burcu

Titre : Drought analysis in Tuz Lake Basin

Tuz Gölü Havzası’nın kuraklık analizi

Auteur : AKIN Burcu

Université de soutenance : Sakarya Üniversitesi

Grade : Master 2019

The Salt Lake Basin, designated as the study area, is located in Central Anatolia Region. Drought has been observed as a result of the literature studies in Tuz Lake Basin. Type of climate according to Köppen Climate Classification of Tuz Lake Basin ; in Kulu the climate in winter is warm, summer is very hot and arid (Mediterranean climate), in Aksaray, Karapınar and Cumra semi-arid steppe climate has been identified. The aim of the climate change process in Turkey this study, Tuz Lake’s drought observed in the Basin, spatial and temporal characteristics and severity, De Martonne Drought Index, Erinç Precipitation Activity Index, Thornthwaite is to demonstrate using climate classification methods. The results of the meteorological drought were obtained with the indices used in the study. For this purpose, the measurements of Kulu, Aksaray, Karapınar and Çumra meteorology stations with homogeneous distribution in the basin and having long-term and uninterrupted data ; long-term average annual temperature, annual minimum temperature, annual maximum temperature and annual average total precipitation data were calculated by linear trend method and the drought indices formulas were applied. The drought in the Tuz Lake Basin were analyzed with the results obtained from meteorological data.


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