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Atatürk Üniversitesi (2019)

A study on setting xeriscape with plants in the native vegetation of Bingöl province

CAF Ahmet

Titre : A study on setting xeriscape with plants in the native vegetation of Bingöl province

Bingöl ili doğal vejetasyonundaki bitkiler ile kurakçıl bahçe oluşturulması üzerine bir araştırma

Auteur : CAF Ahmet

Université de soutenance : Atatürk Üniversitesi

Grade : Doktora Tezi 2019

Although many international meetings and treaties have been held for the sustainability of the environment, including our country, the process of degradation of the natural and cultural environment continues. Our country is no longer a water rich country due to its current situation, but on the contrary, it is considered among the countries that will experience water shortage in the coming years. In our cities where a rapid physical change process is experienced, exotic plant species originating from foreign countries are used extensively. The use of exotic plants often brings economic and ecological problems. Although our country has many unique plant species which can be used in landscape planning and design studies in natural vegetation, its use in plant design is quite low. In the context of sustainable design, the concept of arid landscapes has become important for the efficient use of water resources. This situation necessitates the use of plants resistant to drought and extreme conditions in natural vegetation in terms of efficient use of resources. In this research, it is aimed to design and implement a wrought landscape garden using natural plants in Bingöl University Campus. Firstly, the herbaceous and woody plant species which are in the natural vegetation of Bingöl province and have landscape value were determined. The study has been brought to the garden by harvesting from its natural environment with steel and seeds as a result of a 5-year field study between 2015-2019. The most suitable area in the campus was selected and an arid landscape design project was created. This project has been applied in 2560m2 area, the collected and imported plants have been applied by planting and planting according to the plantation project. For the first time in our country, the plants that make up the garden are formed from the natural plants of the region. In plantation study ; Achieved success in 122 plant species : 60 herbaceous, 38 woody and 24 geofit plant taxa. In the drought plants, various phenological observations and measurements (florescence, blooming time, plant height, plant diameter, adaptation) were classified according to different landscape values (form, leaf, flower and fruit effect). As a result of the study, suggestions were made for the sustainability of the garden


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