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Akdeniz Üniversitesi (2016)

A study on the feasibility of xeriscaping under Mediterranean conditions

ÇETİN Nefise

Titre : A study on the feasibility of xeriscaping under Mediterranean conditions

Akdeniz koşullarında kurakçıl peyzaj uygulanabilirliğinin irdelenmesi

Auteur : ÇETİN Nefise

Université de soutenance : Akdeniz Üniversitesi

Grade : MSc Thesis in Landscape Architecture 2016

Water resources have gradually decreased around the world because of increase in global population, climate change due to global warming, unconscious water consumption and water pollution. Failure in selection and usage of correct plants for appropriate areas and using turf over large areas in landscapes also increase the pressure on already limited water resources. Green areas are of great importance for the image of a city. The plants in green areas without a sound landscape design turn yellow, dry or even die during summers, which happens more frequently in arid regions such as Mediterranean region in recent years as a result of climate change. To avoid such unfavorable views, "Xeriscaping", which allows rational use of water and water saving, must be adopted instead of traditional landscape designs that require a large amount of irrigation. The objectives of this study are to present possible actions to be taken in line with the principles of Xeriscaping, develop some suggestions, and present the feasibility of Xeriscaping under Mediterranean conditions especially in summer months by using qualitative data as well as quantitative data with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of green areas in Konyaaltı, Antalya, The data on natural features, land use, socio-economic structure of Konyaaltı district and Xeriscape were collected first and a park was chosen from the area as the case study. Then current and proposed planting design based on principle of Xeriscape of the park were compared in terms of construction and maintenance expenses. Moreover, a list of plants to be used for Xeriscaping under Mediterranean conditions has been prepared based on the features of plants, their attractiveness for the landscape, their availability in nurseries, and their existence within the Mediterranean flora. As a result, Xeriscape has been proved to be important landscape design under the climate conditions in Antalya, where there is 5-5,5 months of arid period according to the climate analyses, and some suggestions have been developed to popularize the use of Xeriscape.


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