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Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversites (2010)

Determination of rainfall threshold amount in wheat

GEYİK Mehmet

Titre : Determination of rainfall threshold amount in wheat

Buğday kuraklık desteğinde eşik yağış değerinin belirlenmesi

Auteur : GEYİK Mehmet

Université de soutenance : Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversites

Grade : MSc THESIS 2010

Aim of this study, in semi arid regions are to determine threshold amount of rainfall to produce wheat economically average using evapotranspiration (ET)-yield relationship, yield-production costs, long-term rainfall data of Akçakale and Ceylanpınar counties to give information to the decision maker whether or not to provide the drought subsidies using results of the the study.The study region is Akçakale and Ceylanpınar counties of Şanlıurfa city. Because these counties in semi arid region. ET-yield relationship, yield-production costs and long-term rainfall data of Akçakale and Ceylanpınar counties were taken from two studies conducted in Şanlıurfa Soil and Water Source Research Station in Koruklu and Çukurova University Agriculture Faculty Southeast Anatolia Project Research Station. Income was calculated as 156-170 and 49-113 TL/da in Akçakale, 155-162 and 22-104 TL/da in Ceylanpınar using rainfall and effective rainfall with 50% contingency and yield estimated from ET-yield relationship, assuming that wheat price is 0.70 TL/kg, as 50-114 and 0-82 TL/da in Akçakale and 0-95 ve 0-6 TL/da in Ceylanpınar with 80% contingency. Production cost of wheat was 169 TL/da. Income obtained from both rainfall and effective rainfall was lower than production costs.Annual long term rainfall is 263 mm in Akçakale, 285 mm in Ceylanpınar and effective rainfall is 169 mm in Akçekale, 150 mm in Ceylapınar. Annual long term rainfall with 50% and 80% contingency are 265 and 147 mm in Akçakale , 265 and 91 mm in Ceylanpınar respectively. In order to produce wheat economically average annual long term rainfall threshold should have 391 mm in Akçakale and 455 mm in Ceylanpınar. Procuders can not get profit at this level of rainfall, since income and production costs were equal. A little profit would be got form wheat production in that rainfall level. If it is wanted that wheat productor make profit 20% from production, the rainfall level should be between 459 and 546 mm. Consequently, wheat drought subsidy also should not given in current places.


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