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Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) 2020

Estratégias de alocação de água para irrigação no perímetro irrigado Pontal Sul

de Souza, Marcello Henryque Costa

Titre : Estratégias de alocação de água para irrigação no perímetro irrigado Pontal Sul

Water allocation strategies for irrigation in the Pontal Sul irrigated perimeter

Auteur : de Souza, Marcello Henryque Costa

Université de soutenance : Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)

Grade : Doutor em Agronomia. (Irrigação e Drenagem) 2020

In view of the problems related to drought in the Brazilian semiarid region, together the climate change and population growth, it is necessary to develop planning actions, allocation strategies, management and adequate use of water in the irrigation schemes of that region. Thus, this work had as objectives : i) to determine the water demand of the Pontal Sul irrigation scheme in two ways, one similar to that used in its basic project, and the second using the program MCID (Computational Model to Support Decision in Irrigation and Drainage), considering periods of greater water demand according to the simulation of different agricultural scenarios ; ii) to generate scenarios based on local weather conditions for perennial crops already used in that region, and on the water availability offered by the irrigation scheme, to define which crops and in what area proportions, based on the water pumping capacity and delivery from the irrigation scheme ; iii) to identify where, when and in which scenario there is a greater water demand. Data surveys, bibliographic reviews, generation of agricultural scenarios and determination of demands in the area of the irrigation scheme were carried out to assess the conditions of water supply to the irrigated grower´s areas. According to the generated scenarios, it was found that the irrigation scheme presents conditions that favor the overestimation of the water values to be supplied, aiming to guarantee the crop water demands ; however, this fact was not enough to avoid future problems, when evaluating the scenarios, the unfavorable weather conditions or the maximum crop water demands. This finding was obtained from the different estimation methods evaluated, demonstrating that in certain conditions the channel system will not meet the demand of the evaluated scenarios, either in the calculations estimated by the project or by the MCID. Therefore, a previous study is necessary to adequate planning for selection of crops and the use of irrigation systems, given the lack of planning for many growers. Thus, the use of this methodology for the planning of the grower´s area and the irrigation scheme can be useful as a basis for the selection of crops and best times for pruning (based on weather conditions). In addition, the use of an adequate irrigation system will provide the amount of water needed for the full crop development, and an uninterrupted supply throughout the growing season


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