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Rural Markets Promotion Programme (PROMER) Mozambique


Titre : Rural Markets Promotion Programme (PROMER) Mozambique

Pays : Mozambique

Approval date : 11/09/2008

Organisme d’exécution : Ministry of Planning and Development

Durée : 2009 - 2016

Initiating institution : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Finalité et objectifs
The programme will help small-scale farmers in the northern region of the country, where two thirds of the rural population are poor. Although this part of the country has a good agricultural potential, farms here have some of the lowest yields in southern Africa. Poor returns from sales of their agricultural surpluses have led small-scale farmers to fall back on semi-subsistence agriculture. The programme will build on emerging opportunities for both domestic and export markets, and particularly for agribusiness investment, improving the terms of trade for small-scale farmers. It will help small farming households make the transition from subsistence-oriented agriculture to market-oriented agriculture, achieving higher productivity and better market integration. The programme’s target group includes small-scale semi-subsistence farmers and other poor farmers, most of whom live below the poverty line. Another target group includes small and medium-sized rural traders who play a crucial role in linking poor farmers to markets. Because of their disadvantaged position in society and in the economy, women are an important part of the target group, as are the poorest members of the rural population. Participants will have an active role in the programme and through their representatives they will have a voice in steering and monitoring activities at district, provincial and national levels.
The overall aim is to enable small-scale farmers increase their incomes from agriculture by helping them market their surpluses more profitably. The programme’s specific aims are to : improve small-scale farmers’ access to and participation in agricultural markets and value chains ; develop more efficient market intermediaries and more effective partnerships to stimulate increased agricultural production and added value ; favour a more conducive environment for agricultural market operations The programme will work towards strengthening government agencies, farmers’ organizations, agribusiness enterprises, service providers and others involved in market linkages and value chains. The aim is to enable them to be more effective in coordinating, stimulating and implementing initiatives that will improve market access for small farmers. The multisectoral programme is in line with the government’s poverty reduction strategy and it will coordinate with several public institutions at national, provincial and district levels. The programme will scale up the innovative approach used in the IFAD-financed PAMA Support Programme to work with farmers’ organizations and traders, to promote competition and improve market efficiency. It wil also introduce a demand-driven facility to promote commercial partnerships between small farmers and agribusiness companies, and promote development of a network of dealers in agricultural inputs.

Informations financières
Approved IFAD loan : US$31.1 million
Cofinancing : Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (US$3.5 million)
Contribution of borrower : US$2.9 million
Contribution of beneficiaries : US$3.0 million
Total programme cost : US$40.6 million

Présentation : IFAD

Report and recommendation of the President to the Executive Board on a proposed loan to the Republic of Mozambique for the Rural Markets Promotion Programme

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