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Atatürk Üniversitesi (2020)

Tourism geography of Almaty region (Kazakhstan)


Titre : Tourism geography of Almaty region (Kazakhstan)

Almatı bölgesi’nin (Kazakistan) turizm coğrafyası

Auteur : AZIZOVA Sofiya

Université de soutenance : Atatürk Üniversitesi

Grade : Master Thesis 2020

Jetisu, the old name of Almaty, is still of historical importance. The name Jetisu is related to seven main rivers such as Karatal, Biyen, Aksu, Lepsi, Baskan, Sarkand. Almaty Region is the administrative and regional unit located in the southeast of the Independent Republic of Kazakhstan.The establishment date is March 10, 1932, the administrative center of the city of Taldikorgan is the Summit of God Mountain, whose total area is 223.911 km2 and the highest point of the region is 6995 meters. The region is divided into 17 districts and 3 regional governed cities. The region is physically geographically complex. The northwestern part consists of semi-arid plains. Two separate series of mountain massifs extend to the southeast, such as Jetisu and Zailiysky Aladagi, which are part of the Tyan Şyan Mountain system. It covers the entire northern part, south of Jetisu or Balkaş plains with a slight tendency to the north with a height of 300-500 m. The southern part is filled with areas up to 5,000 m in height. The entire southern section is a high seismic area. The natural resources of the Almaty Region are suitable for waterfalls, hot springs, forests, mountainous areas, wide watersheds, animal diversity, and touristic activities in different areas of the region. The regional center of Almaty is the city of Taldykorgan


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