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Universidade Federal de Alagoas (2022)

A construção enunciativo-discursiva da seca e do sertão alagoano em outdoor e folder

Santos, Daiana Sanderay Silva

Titre : A construção enunciativo-discursiva da seca e do sertão alagoano em outdoor e folder

Auteur : Santos, Daiana Sanderay Silva

Université de soutenance : Universidade Federal de Alagoas

Grade : Licenciatura em Letras – Língua Portuguesa 2022

Résumé partiel
This work comes from the first contact in 2017 with the Group of Studies in Applied Linguistics in Questions of the Alagoan Sertão (GELASAL), created by profesor Ismar Inácio dos Santos Filho, in the year 2013, which directs his attention to the discourses used on the Backwoods / Semiarid / Northeast. Thus, the objective of this study is to understand how the meanings of Backwoods / Semiarid/ Northeast are constructed enunciative-discursively, in order to reflect on the meanings that have been produced over time around this region. This discourse, which is still linked to a stereotyped figure of a ’drought’ region, ’misery’ and ’hunger’, which is based on several discursive genres, such as the billboard, the folder, the advertisement, among others. In this sense, we can consider that the dry phenomenon is what constitutes / maintains this stereotype used linguistically - enunciatively in these discursive genres of the advertising sphere. In this way, we understand that drought is built as the disease that plagues this region. Therefore, our research is driven by the questioning : "How the senses about the Alagoan bacwoods are constructed in the discursive outdoor and folder genres belonging to the event Seminar of Alagoan Seminar, organized by the Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Companies (SEBRAE), which had as its central theme The Sertão will become a sea of business, circulated in the city of Delmiro Gouveia-AL ? Emphasizing that this event seeks to promote discussions on the improvement of the agribusiness, tourism and incentive to the development of skills that involve land, people, culture and traditions. That is, I try to understand the meanings that are forged in these texts, understood as enunciation about the ’drought’ (in a historical and geographical perspective) in the Alagoan semi-arid, from reading in a transversal perspective, understanding the language as a social activity and policy, since this research is carried out in the field of Applied Linguistics (LA), which aims to create intelligibility from its undisciplinary / transdisciplinar character


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