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Universidade Estadual da Paraíba (2021)

Avicultura de corte e consumo de água no semiárido paraibano

Pôrto, Júlio Cézar Gonçalves

Titre : Avicultura de corte e consumo de água no semiárido paraibano

Beef poultry farming and water consumption in the semi-arid region of Paraíba

Auteur : Pôrto, Júlio Cézar Gonçalves

Université de soutenance : Universidade Estadual da Paraíba

Grade : Mestre em Desenvolvimento Regional 2021

Résumé partiel
Brazil is one of the largest producers and exporters of chicken meat in the world, a culture that is growing. In this sense, poultry farming has expanded to the semi-arid Northeast, where there are restrictions on drinking water and food. In the case of Paraíba, this has been evidenced in municipalities in the semiarid portion, such as Pocinhos, where poultry farming is the main agricultural activity in the municipality, located in the Immediate Geographic Region of Campina Grande. In view of this, it is prepared to establish the main characteristics of the activity, in particular, the consumption of water for the chicken in this geographic area, with these determinations being the main objectives. And as specific objectives : to diagnose the socioeconomic and environmental profiles of poultry farming ; establish the main characteristics of the pluvial regime in the territorial cut of the municipality ; and assess the potential for rainwater harvesting as an alternative to increase water supply and reduce the cost of broiler production. The methodological procedures consisted of two steps : the first, using published data related to the topic, with a search on the digital platforms of AESA, SUDENE, IBGE, USDA, among others. In the second, field data were collected, applying semi-structured questionnaires, containing 36 questions, on the socioeconomic and environmental aspects of the poultry farmer, chicken production and water demand, applied to fifty-three poultry farmers. The choice of aviaries was made according to the snowball method. The pluvial regime was established, by the criterion of climatological statistics, and estimated the potential volumes of rainwater catchment. The calculations, financial balance sheets and the elaboration of graphs and tables were made using an Excel spreadsheet. The main results show that poultry farming is a subsistence activity and requires technological investment and an alternative to increase water supply. The State of Paraíba ranks fifth in the Northeast and the quality of chicken meat requires cleaning of the aviary and phytosanitary control.


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