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Khatlon Livelihoods Support Project (Tajikistan)


Pays : Tajikistan

Approval date : 17/12/2008

Organisme d’exécution : State Agency for Land Management, Geodesy and Cartography

Durée : 2009 - 2015

Initiating institution : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Finalité et objectifs

The project will support community development in five districts of the Khation region : Dangara, Temurmalik, Baldzhuvan, Muminabad and Shurobod. An IFAD grant will finance the project’s efforts to reduce poverty, increase incomes and improve the lives of farmers in 250 villages in the project area.

The principal aims of the project are to : build institutional capacity ; improve farmers’ access to technologies and productive infrastructure ; ensure effective and efficient project management

The project will organize poor farmers and provide them with improved technologies, and it will finance productive infrastructure schemes based on community priorities. In each of the 250 villages, it will help farmers form a village organization and prepare an action plan. There will be an effort to ensure that at least 50 per cent of the members of the organizations are women.

To enhance agricultural productivity and profitability, and in the perspective of global climate change, the project will support conservation agriculture, water conservation and the testing of drought-tolerant varieties. It will provide strong orientation and capacity-building to ensure a correct approach to implementation, and it will provide technical assistance and guidance.

To ensure sustainability of the village organizations, it will encourage the formation of district-level associations of the organizations and common interest groups. The associations will eventually become fully functional producers’ associations.

Informations financières

Approved DSF grant : US$12.3 million
Cofinancing : Mountain Societies Development Support Programme US$0.26 million
Contribution of recipient : US$0.515 million
Contribution of beneficiaries : US$1.88 million
Total programme cost : US$14.9 million

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President’s Report : proposed grant to the Republic of Tajikistan for the Khatlon Livelihood Support Project

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