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University of Salford (2017)

A strategic approach to developing residential land tenure administration : the case of Iraq

Al-ossmi, LH

Titre : A strategic approach to developing residential land tenure administration : the case of Iraq

Auteur : Al-ossmi, LH

Université de soutenance : University of Salford.

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2017

This study is driven by the need to bridge the gap in the current literature in terms of identifying the sustainable institutional aspects of the Land Tenure Administration (LTA) under the current situation in Iraq, as the principal mechanism through which LTA can be sought. In fact, the critical situations of post-war, economic crisis and terrorism waves in Iraq are now heading the country to develop an urgent national policy, thus there is a need to put forward a strategic approach that helps Iraqi Land Authorities (ILAs) policy to build an efficiency implementation of LTA and ensuring the users’ satisfaction to achieve better practices in Iraq. While post-war situations and inter-communal violence impacts continue to occur in the country, the research provided a pioneer opportunity to identify current problems of LTA, which can be directly linked to these factors of the instability and insecurity situations in the Iraqi urban areas. This thesis is structured from nine chapters ; it deals with the government policy makers of the applicants at ILAs and the property users in Iraq. The research identified a set of key influential factors driven from the current critical situation regarding the LTA efficiency at ILAs and the level of users’ satisfaction. One of the research objectives is to develop a conceptual framework for evaluation the operational performance of LTA in Iraq. To evaluate the conceptual framework validity, the questionnaire has distributed targeting the user’s samples of 384 in 3 chosen neighbourhoods in the Al-Nassiriya city, 16 semi-structured interviews have been conducted with Top Senior Managers (TSMs) in 6 agencies of decision-making councils in ILAs at both national and local levels in the Iraqi system. In this research a multi-method of analysis was followed triangulating data, hence the core part of data to be used for analysis is that derived from these Iraqi land resources. Based on respectable evidence, the Iraqi existing system is still offering significant levels of management and monitoring supports. Evidence showed that the LAS/LTA is qualified and there is no lack in administrative approach. However, crucial influences of the state instability, insecurity situations, inter-communal violence, and the displacement and refugee’s relocation problems were directly followed the land dispute resolution, financing & data costs, land administration processes, and efficient technical aspects.


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