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Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) 2022

Social Impact of Internal Migration and its Relationship to Peace Building in Sudan

Salma Sharif Saeed Fadul

Titre : Social Impact of Internal Migration and its Relationship to Peace Building in Sudan

Auteur : Salma Sharif Saeed Fadul

Université de soutenance : Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST)

Grade : Philosophy of doctorate (PhD) degree in peace culture 2022

This study aims to know the social impact of internal migration and its relationship with peace building process in Sudan. The purpose is to provide a push and pull factors of internal migration especially comes from neighborhood countries such as (Ethiopia and Eretria). Therefore, we chose Kassala region due to its proximity to the borders with many countries, which made it easy for us to do our research and distribute the questionnaires. One of the most important issues of this research is the exploration of the sociocultural patterns, and the concepts of internal migration. The main hypotheses focused in this research are who has effectively quantified the impacts of internal migration, accounting for origin and destination differentia’s in migration selectivity is also important : there are significant variations in and out-migration rates across population subgroups (i.e., origin differentials). How this origins differentiation affects the culture of these migrants. The research examines the concept of peace building with in the internal migration sociocultural system. This research basis on the theory of sociocultural and functionalism in conflict and peace studies. The aim of this research is to describe the importance of internal migration studies especially for peace building, and the requirements of urban planning decision making. For this purpose, the discussion is on review of issues that affects internal migration on urban, and to analyses relationship between internal migration, urban growth and urbanization. Kassala region in east Sudan is selected for being the study area of the analysis, in Wad sharife refugee camp in which is situated south of Kassala, about 15 km west of the Eritrean border. Besides that, this research will summarize on the important aspects of internal migration which is required for peace building planning. Finally, this research will conclude that understanding of spatial trends and distribution of migration in urban areas is crucial for the purpose of urban planning and peace building planning process.


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