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Banaras Hindu University (2021)

Assessment of Drought Using Regional Climatic Factors and Meteorological Indices

Shri Kant

Titre : Assessment of Drought Using Regional Climatic Factors and Meteorological Indices

Auteur : Shri Kant

Université de soutenance : Banaras Hindu University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Agricultural Engineering 2021

Résumé partiel
Drought is one of the recurring phenomenons in India and in many countries around the world. Drought may be termed as extended period, a season, a year or more of deficient rainfall relative to the statistical multi-year average for a region. It is a normal and recurrent feature of climate and may occur anywhere in the world, in all climatic zones. Its features or characteristics, of course, vary from region to region. The assessment of Drought is a complex phenomenon and depends on various socio-economic, hydro-meteorological, soils, land use, agricultural and geographical parameters. Among the available indices, no single index is capable of fully describing all the physical characteristics of drought. Therefore, in most cases it is useful and necessary to consider several indices, examine their sensitivity and accuracy, and investigate for correlation among them. The performance of seven indices (DI, PN. SPI, CZI, MCZI, Z-square and EDI) for drought monitoring in the Tons river basin Madhya Pradesh India. A streamflow drought event is defined as the period during which the streamflow is below a predetermined truncation level. Following this approach, the duration of drought is the time when with streamflow is below the truncation level, and drought severity is the cumulative deviation below the truncation level during that period. Therefore, selection of the truncation level is critical in defining a drought, and can be based on the average of a series (Dracup et al., 1980).

In the present study efforts have been made to analyse meteorological and hydrological aspects of drought in Tons river basin. Tons River Basin is a tributary of the Ganges flowing through the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in Central India. It originates from Kamore hills in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. The area under Tons river basin is characterized by water scarcity, increasing water demand and over exploitation of the available water resources and comes under the drought prone area of Stana and Rewa districts of MP. In the present study, climatic factors have been thoroughly analysed for departure and frequency analysis of annual and seasonal rainfall, assessment of the meteorological drought through different indices, Stream flow Drought Severity Analysis, and hydrological information have been analysed for availability water. The present study has been taken under the fallowing

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