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University of Gezira (2021)

Design, Fabrication and Testing Of Balanites (Lalob) Kernels Decorticator

Amal Yousif Albadwi, Mohammed

Titre : Design, Fabrication and Testing Of Balanites (Lalob) Kernels Decorticator

Auteur : Amal Yousif Albadwi, Mohammed

Université de soutenance : University of Gezira

Grade : Master of Science (MS) in Food Engineering 2021

Balanites (heglig) is a species of tree, it’s native to much of Africa and parts of the Middle East. The Balanites seed consist of an edible oil. There are suffers for decortication Balanites kernels to obtain oil from their internal nuts, because of its hard outer cover. Traditionally, cracking of the nuts is done by pressure Balanites between two stones with an impact force, causing the shell to split and the nut let out. The aim of this study is to design and construct a Balanites kernel decorticator using the mechanical assembly method of equipment design. all required engineering parameters were calculated according to the previous studies. Then the calculation results were investigated and used for the preparation of the machine parts : frame, hopper, two rollers, fixing bolts, electric motor, pulleys, shafts, bolts, outlet tray and gearbox. The Balanites kernels decorticator parts were fabricated and assembled in Maringan Mechanical Workshops wad madni - sudan. the dried Balanites kernels were fed into the hopper, they were descend into the cracking chamber by gravity, aided by vibration agitated by the prime mover. The high rotating roller was impacted force on the kernels suddenly ; the kernels were then thrown towards the surface of the cracking drum. The sudden impact load of the roller on the kernels was lead to the breaking of the kernels and the shells were fragmented into smaller parts due to centrifugal action. The kernel and the fragmented shells were collected bowl in the outlet. The machine was checked and it gave good results, The characteristics of the designed decorticator : Dimensions (Length x Width x Height), Power consumption, productivity, Cracking efficiency and Weight were found to be : (1050 x 600 x 1300 mm), 2 kwt/h, 3.3 kg p/h, 85% and 150 kg respectively. The study recommended that sieves are to be added, Also a motor with more efficiency is to be used. Modeling and simulation of this machine for industrial scale is to be carried out.


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