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University of Johannesburg (2021)

Sustainable optimized production of bioenergy from renewable biomass

Oyetola Ogunkunle

Titre : Sustainable optimized production of bioenergy from renewable biomass

Auteur : Oyetola Ogunkunle

Université de soutenance : University of Johannesburg

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PHD), (Mechanical Engineering Science) 2021

With the increasing menace of environmental pollution occasioned by fossil fuel combustion, the need for alternative clean biofuels has increased globally. Biodiesel is a popular biofuel that is mostly synthesized from plant seed oil. Every form of derived biofuels is essential because they are sustainable. Improving the production process and quality of biofuels could help achieve a cheaper and cleaner energy source for broader applications. More studies are needed to ensure that novel biofuel feedstock can pass the Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) goals in terms of relatively high oil yield and suitable fuel properties for engine applications. Determination of optimal parameters for biodiesel production from every biomass feedstock is a necessity that must be achieved to establish its suitability and industrial relevance for sustainable production. In order to create room for improvement and explore more studies for scientific reference, the research was conducted to examine the production of biodiesel from Parinari polyandra oil as a renewable biofuel for engine applications. Summarily, oil was extracted from the seeds of Parinari polyandra via a solvent extraction mechanism. Experimental runs for biodiesel production from extracted Parinari polyandra oil were developed using Central Composite and Box Behnken designs of the Response Surface Methodology (RSM). The effect of transesterification process parameters was studied under different reaction levels for statistical modeling and optimization of biodiesel production from Parinari polyandra oil. A test bench experiment was carried out to verify the performance characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with Parinari polyandra biodiesel blends..


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