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University of Khartoum (2018)

Towards an Improved Human Development Index for Sudan under New Variables

Alhawary, Samrah Bashir Abdallah Hammad

Titre : Towards an Improved Human Development Index for Sudan under New Variables

Auteur : Alhawary, Samrah Bashir Abdallah Hammad

Université de soutenance : University of Khartoum

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 2018

Based on the same components for measuring human development Index (A long and healthy life : Life expectancy at birth, Education index : Mean years of schooling and Expected years of schooling, A decent standard of living : GNI per capita (PPP U$$)), this thesis tries to find a better situation of Sudan’s HDI (2010) by inclusion of new variables of human development index other than the three known. Human development depends on many variables, The UN uses three because of availability of the data and comparison between countries is very easy, in literature many attempts have been done to include more variables, our study is pioneer a study in Sudan to incorporate variables other than the three to see the effect on the HDI. Data from National Baseline household survey 2009 Northern Sudan are used tomodel building and measurement of the new index and compare the result with the Sudan’s HDI (2010). According to the Data of the Household survey for Sudan 2009 are used to measure the HDI by including new five variables (Labor force, transport, items (durables), agricultural households by land tenure status, sources of energy) in the UN model using the same procedure. This thesis follows descriptive analytical approach and some of the most important results obtained are that Sudan’s HDI (2010) after adding new variable to the model is 0.5651 and the value of HDI increase as compared to 0.411 in 2010.HDI is basically sensitive and flexible Index senses the Sudan development and tells us in which direction the economy is heading. For future research I progress to add more variables in the model of HDI ، the country government should building new model for HDI suitable with their economy situation. Choosing variables must be determined by the overall situation of the different aspects of the country.


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