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Hitit Üniversitesi (2022)

Climate migration as a new socio-ecological problem


Titre : Climate migration as a new socio-ecological problem

Yeni bir sosyo-ekolojik sorun olarak iklim göçü

Auteur : DURAN Şifa

Université de soutenance : Hitit Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) 2022

Today, the earth’s surface is warming due to anthropogenic activities. As the reason for the warming of the earth, scientific research shows that human activities and in addition because of industrialization, harmful gases accumulate in the atmosphere more than it should be. Climate change has started to destroy the ecosystem by causing the deterioration of the ecological balance. Therefore, global climate change has started to cause serious problems such as drought, desertification, sea level rises due to melting of glaciers and flood disasters. These problems also bring disasters that will negatively affect the lives of humans and other biological species. In addition, climate change tends to cause serious problems in the social field. The most important of these problems is the migrations that occur or are expected to occur due to climate change. In this study, climate change, which is expected to be experienced due to the warming of the earth’s surface with each passing day ; and the migration relationship that may arise as a result. As it is known, climate change causes the deterioration of people’s living spaces. What’s more, due to the increase in the climate crisis, people are displaced by the increasing frequency and intensity of various meteorological disasters. The subject of this study is the forcing of people to relocate because of the deterioration of their natural habitats on a global scale and the inclusion of climate change as a new phenomenon in the theory of migration. As a result of this study, it was concluded that people had to migrate due to the negative effects of climate change and that if adequate precautions are not taken, climate change will cause mass migration. In conclusion, the efforts to prevent this migration movement, which has already started, and the possible scenarios in the future are mentioned. Governments and international organizations must act immediately to stop the climate crisis. This study was created by reviewing the literature and in the study, previous scientific research, projects and research reports were used.


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