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Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi (2007)

Traditional village architect of Van region

ERDOĞAN Bilal Burhan

Titre : Traditional village architect of Van region

Van yöresi geleneksel köy mimarisi

Auteur : ERDOĞAN Bilal Burhan

Université de soutenance : Yüzüncü Yıl Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) 2007

Van is located near Iran border and east of Lake Van which is the largest lake (3713 square km inspace) of Turkey. Its location has an important strategic point. For this reason, the space where Van, once thecapital of Urartu State, covers nowadays has been an important permanent settlement for many civilizationsbefore and after Urartus. The time of using this space as a settlement dates back to prehistoric times.The fifteen buildings were selected and studied among the ones determined as old settlements in thevillages which were observed in the content of this master thesis called ?Village Traditional Architect of VanRegion ?The studies were carried out in the three stages ; the first was the literature search on the historicaldevelopment of buildings in Anatolia and Van, the second was the site surveys, revealing and documentations ofthe buildings in the lights of these literatures, and the last was the planning and the detailed drawings.At the end of this study, it was determined that the village architect of Van region constitutedcompletely simple designed buildings which were created the own means and skills of their inhabitants. Formainly this reason, the most of them could not resist the long to historical process and reach to nowadays. Theobservation of Prof. Dr. Veli SEVIN on the village architect, ?The unprotected settlements of villagers who workon farms are on the cultivable slightly high tumulus and arid. ?, also reveals that the village structures have beenvulnerable and not received necessary attention of official authorities in their historical past.At the end of this study, it was also determined that the mentioned investigated houses which were builtwith sun-dried bricks on stone basement do not have a lot differences from the houses of 11th and 12th centuries,which were made with the similar materials and plans and having one to two rooms and flat ceilings. They areeven behind the prehistoric ones in many aspects needing mastery such as stone work.This study tried to get an attention to these houses which are located in the villages of Van Region andmost of which are abandoned and tented to be ruined because they are a chain of historic continuity. This studyalso aimed to be a first step source for the future investigation, documentation, and restoration studies.


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