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Ankara Üniversitesi (2009)

Global warming and xeriscape


Titre : Global warming and xeriscape

Küresel ısınma ve kurakçıl peyzaj planlaması

Auteur : ERTOP Gülin

Université de soutenance : Ankara Üniversitesi

Grade : Master Thesis 2009

In this study more intensively the agenda of the first Xeriscape to come to give information about global warming is the cause. Increase in global temperature changes that occur depending on the ecological system and affects human life. Global warming caused the drought and lack of water green areas as well as all areas of the devastating effects felt. Therefore, in areas with arid climate, landscape work to be done with minimum cost and ensure continuity in the long term in severe natural conditions in order to examine how tu create green space, this thesis work was conducted. Drought and water problems are examined, the basic rules Xeriscape and plant species suitable for Xeriscape indicated. As a result, the devastating effects of drought felt intensely green space for the short and medium term, a team work to be done, particularly in our metropolitan city, a significant amount of water will provide savings of these areas, such as hand because of drought will also prevent the exit has been identified. As global warming and its consequences which should be abandoned in the drought against the traditional understanding of landscape and Xeriscape understanding should be dominant. Natural plant species in landscape design or drought-resistant species should be especially careful to choose and use. For the solution of the problem ; multi-faceted and careful integration work will be done, according to new conditions, new crop production pattern of what kinds of preparation and training would be more appropriate planners regard to the necessity to show the way result has been reached.


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