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Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi (2020)

Investigation of Niger water resources

Kassim Ali Guingarey

Titre : Investigation of Niger water resources

Nijer su kaynaklarının incelenmesi

Auteur : Kassim Ali Guingarey

Université de soutenance : Eskişehir Osmangazi Üniversitesi

Grade : Master of Science (MSc) 2020

Niger is neighbour to Nigeria in the south, Benin and Burkina Faso in the southwest, Algeria in the north, Libya in the northeast, Chad in the east, Mali in the west, 60% of its land is a desert or semi-desert African country. In the study, the well drilled in the rural areas of Niamey, Tillaberi and Dosso were investigated. Analysis results were evaluated to hydrogeochemical properties and suitability for drinking and irrigation. To evaluate the suitability of the waters in terms of irrigation water Permeability Index (PI), Magnesium Ratio (MR), Soluble Sodium Percentage (SSP), Kelley Ratio (KR), Potential Salinity (PS), Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), Residual Sodium Carbonate (RSC) values were computed. Parameters were compared with Standards. Water resources are CaMgHCO3 and NaHCO3 facies. The results of mineral equilibrium modeling indicate that most of the examined waters are undersaturated with respect to gypsum, anhydrite, aragonite, calcite and dolomite. In addition, it has been determined that the water is generally suitable for irrigation and drinking purposes.


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