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Università degli Studi della Tuscia - Viterbo (2016)

Plant biodiversity in West Bank : strategic tools for conservation and management

Al Qaddi, Nisreen

Titre : Plant biodiversity in West Bank : strategic tools for conservation and management

Biodiversità vegetale in West Bank : metodi di conservazione e gestione

Auteur : Al Qaddi, Nisreen

Université de soutenance : Università degli Studi della Tuscia - Viterbo

Grade : Dottorato di ricerca in Scienze e tecnologie per la gestione forestale e ambientale 2016

Biological Diversity (Biodiversity), it says, refers to variety in nature, variety within the living world. The term Biodiversity is commonly used to indicate the number, variety and variability of living organisms. The action of management requires capacity of measurement, and measures of diversity only become possible when a quantitative value can be ascribed to them and these values can be compared. And in Palestine, like other countries of the world the biodiversity conservation has become an urgent need, and it has been preparing this study to introduce a part of the reality of the environmental situation in general and the reality of plant life in particular in West Bank-Palestine, whereas ; the information and data contained in this research constitute an important tool is discussing the problems associated with the environmental realities of biodiversity and the factors that affect it, it is essential to take action in a general way : in order to obtain that Biodiversity reaches an acceptable level everywhere, globally in the territory, and everyone must learn how to contribute to its preservation and defence by thinking globally. The most important steps that have been taken to perform this study is select the study areas within the specific criterias (will be mentioned later), collect information of each site before starting the fieldtrips. Tha main aim of the current studt to set up a wide framework of activities to be inserted as starting point of Guide Lines and best practices to be performed for Biodiversity “inventory” and Biodiversity “strengthening and enhancement with regard to the West Bank, with a specific attention to some areas (selected sites) representative of the main forest environments occurring in West Bank, by providing an ecological description of the investigated species and their habitats, relying on the current data availability to conserve the existing species to preserve the biodiversity through ; perceive and understand the status of the main plants species and their distribution in order to protect them, and give warnings and appropriate solutions and/or best practices when any risk act. For arrivals to achieve these goals is through learning and applying some teaching techniques that will link between reality and science. This study highlights on the environmental situation and the plant diversity in the areas under study (six selected sites) at the level of West Bank, and it also highlights the plant species characteristic in West Bank, the forests and their types and the deterioration in them and the green area in West Bank. Based on this study, including those related action plan, analysis and results, put the most important tools (herbarium, seeds bank, GIS and DNA barcode) and select the most important sites that need protection and management in West Bank, this study can be considered as project can adobted by the stakeholders to extend and include all forests and important plant areas


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