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Livestock Development Masterplan Study


Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

Pays : Ethiopie

Date d’approbation : 08/10/2003

Date de début : 18/06/2004


The masterplan study aims to produce to a simple and pragmatic framework and identify tools for its implementation. In order to attain this goal, the study will cover all aspects of livestock p roduction including feeds and feeding, animal health and sanitation, management, breeding and genetics, production, transformation, economics, marketing and distribution. It will, in addition, address all crosscutting and cross-sectoral thematic issues as well review all livestock-related policies and institutions, including research, credit, extension, farmers organisations/associations, traders associations, butchers associations, etc. The study will tackle in principle all species of livestock in its broadest context available in Ethiopia but focus on such commodities like meat (cattle, camels, sheep, goats, poultry), dairy (cattle, camels, goats), and draught power (cattle, camels, donkeys, mules, horses). In addition, the study will address apiculture, focusing on honey and beeswax production. The study will be conducted in all the agro-ecological zones of the country and will cover all livestock production systems in Ethiopia. Regarding each of these commodities, the study will take stock of the past and current situation, determine potentials and weaknesses, assess production gaps, propose remedial actions to address the c onstraints, and develop and cost sustainable intervention strategies for short-and long-term systematic and planned implementation. In addition, the study will review and assess the performance of the current and past interventions in the sub-sector in terms of their achievements, funding adequacy, and institutional and developmental effectiveness, including problems and lessons learned.


The specific objective of the study is to prepare a comprehensive and integrated livestock development masterplan that will cover an investment period of 20 years and encompass a dairy, meat, apiculture and draft power sub-masterplan. It will also prepare a prioritised list of potential investment opportunities for the public and private sector and a sector-wide programme comprised of a priority sub-project for each sub-masterplan for possible financing.


FAD  : UAC 2.340.000
Gouvernement  : UAC 150.000
Total  : UAC 2.490.000

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