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Smallscale Horticulture Development Project


Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

Titre : Smallscale Horticulture Development Project

Pays : Kenya

Date d’approbation : 05/09/2007
Date de début : 20/05/2008

Emplacement : NINE DISTRICTS

The project has 3 components :
(A) Irrigation Development Component : including rehabilitation of existing and new smallholder irrigation schemes with a total area of 2 ,886 ha benefiting 5,812 HH ;
(B) Farmer Support Programme : with 2 sub-component (Horticultural Production and Marketing Sub-component and Financial Services Support Sub-component) which will promote : formation of 90 women IGA groups to carry out agro-processing activities and more than 45 women’s groups to participate in poultry rearing activities ; construction of 9 storage/grading sheds and 9 market sheds ; strengthening the farmers’ capacity in production and marketing of horticultural crops and link them to financial institutions ;
(C) Project Coordination : will provide resources for coordination and management of project activities

The immediate objective is to improve the irrigation infrastructures, conduct and performance of horticultural marketing systems in the project area to provide financial incentives for realising the following : -for smallholder to increase and diversify horticulture production ; -to increase the number of medium-scale entrepreneurs who interact with groups of smallscale producers and traders in the rural areas ; This will ensure more effective participation by limited-resource rural households in an improved horticultural marketing system, thereby increasing their incomes.

FAD  : UAC 17.000.000
Total  : UAC 17.000.000

Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement

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