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BioEnergy for Sustainable Rural Development


Titre : BioEnergy for Sustainable Rural Development

Pays : Egypt

Partner(s) : Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs

Durée : 2008- 2013

Finalité et objectifs
The objective of this project is to remove the technical, institutional, information, financial, and other market barriers to the increasing use of biomass energy in promoting sustainable rural development in Egypt and in reducing the negative global and local environmental impacts associated with the use of fossil fuels and the environmentally not sound management of the agricultural and solid waste.
This is envisaged to be achieved by (i) testing the technical and, in particular, the economic and financial feasibility of selected bioenergy technologies on the basis of new business and financing models, and developing further the financial, institutional and market strategies for their large-scale replication ; (ii) supporting the development and adoption of an enabling policy framework to implement and leverage financing for the recommended strategies ; iii) building the capacity of the supply side to market, finance and deliver rural bioenergy services ; and iv) institutionalizing the support provided by the project to facilitate sustainable growth of the market after the end of the project.

Informations financières
Name of Cofinancier : MSEA/EEAA (Government) ; NREA (Government) ; MISR-Project (GoE, UNDP, Gov. of Netherlands, Gov’t of Canada) Centurion Petroleum Corporation ; Spanish MDG Fund
Sub-Total Co-financing (w/out Management) : USD 11,340,000

Présentation : PNUD

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