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Projet de développement de l’agriculture périurbaine autour de Kaboul


Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Titre : Projet de développement de l’agriculture périurbaine autour de Kaboul


Secteur d’intervention  : Agriculture et sécurité alimentaire


Date réelle d’octroi du projet  : 28/05/2008

Overall objectives
This project aims to increase horticultural production in the regions surrounding Kabul (Provinces of Kabul, Parwan and Kapissa), improve quality standards and promote marketing, with a view to contributing to the development of the local and national economy. Additionally the project will improve the availability of capital, promote exports and in so doing contribute to poverty reduction.
Under the current post destruction context of a weakened Afghan State, this project should enable farmers to benefit rapidly and directly.

Specific objectives
The project has four specific objectives :
1. Strengthen capacity within existing and newly created cooperatives by assisting them to define and implement a strategy and business plan ;
2. Promote and consolidate the cooperatives’ development by setting up systems to provide finance and the necessary infrastructure aimed at improving the distribution of produce, in particular the development of storage facilities and the improvement of techniques and capacity to process products ;
3. Improve quality standards and increase fruit and vegetable production by providing producers with cooperative services adapted to their needs ;
4. Build human capital within the DACD and guide the department in its new role as a facilitator of cooperative development within a market economy approach.

Informations financières
Montant global du projet : 6 400 000,00 €
Financement : 6 400 000,00 €
Forme de concours : Subvention

Présentation : AFD (Agence Française de Développement)

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