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Benha University (1982)

Effect of some micro elments and plant density on the growth and yield of peanut (Arachis hypogaea, l)

Abd Allah, Mohamed Mahmoud

Titre : Effect of some micro elments and plant density on the growth and yield of peanut (Arachis hypogaea, l)

Auteur : Abd Allah, Mohamed Mahmoud.

Etablissement de soutenance : Benha University .

Grade : Master of Science in Agronomy 1982

Résumé partiel
Two tield experiments were conduoted during 1979 and 1980 seasoDS in sl)uth Tahreer, to study’ the etfeot ot some micro - elements lmd plant dens 1ty on the growth and yield of peanutsvar. Giza 4). The so11 ”t the experiments was aan4 textured having \ a PH value ot 6.8 and 7.0 in 1979 and 1980 seasons,respeotively. Also,the so:L1 contained 2.6 , 3.4 and 0.068 ppm. in the first season and 0.3 • 0.1 and 0.012 ppm. in the seoond season trom. Zn , lin flond B respeotively. Each experl.ment included 24 treatments which were the  omb1nation ot three distanoes between hills and eight treatmenta ot mioro - l !tlements. Distances between hills were I 10 , 20 and 30 om. and between ridges 60 om. in all oases. Micro - element treatments werea Zero (cont )l) to.4 znS04 (Zn) ,0.4% JlDS04·(lin) ,0.3% H)BOJ (E) ,0.4” ZDS04 + C).4 KnS04 (Zn + lin) ,O.4 ZDS04 + 0.3” H)BO) (Zn + B) ,0.4% MnS04+ 0.3  BO, (lin + B) .O.4 ZDS04+ 0.4% 1In- 804 + 0.)” B,B03 l(Zn + lin + B),as foliar application after 60 days from sowing. ft.. uper.l.mental d••1p •••• plit plot with tour repl1oati0D8. where tl18 three uatano •• be•••• hills were arran-’ gad in the 1n plots aDd the n.b plots were •• signed to moro e1em8nt ’treatmentli. The sub p10t area 1ftUI 21.6 •.2 • Results oould be Jmmar1zed as follow., l.Dry weight ot leaves as well a8 braneh•• /plant was dearea-, sed significantl.y by increasing plant densi tJ’. 1I10ro _ elementll showed significant e:tf’eot on dry weight of leave. and branches/plant both seasons. B,e1ther alone or in different combinations showedfavourable ettect on dr1 we1&ht ot leaves as well aa branches/plant. 2. Increasing the elistance between hills decreased signifioantly plant height. 011 the other hand,the numberot branohes/plant was inversely cl,rrelated with plant dens1tJ :. B aDdlin e1ther alone or in oombiDation se. to have better ettect on plant height and numberof branche./plant ot peanut than the oontrol treatment. 3.Weight 0’1 100 pods as well as 100 seed .eight •• re great17 atfected by the spacing between’hills aDd were inversely 00- rrelated with the numberot plants/tad • ..l1l micro-element treatments were s1gDif1cant17 superior to oontrol treatment on lOO-pod we18ht as well as 100- •• ed weight.  !reataeDts including JIll and B either alone or in combiDatlon were superior to the OOJltrol treatment 1J1 their effect on these charac’l ;ezs. 4.The shelling petreentage 4eoreue4 w1.’thrideDing the diatanoe between hi1l. •• !rhe ocab1.mLt1mis between B aDdZn or lin were 81gD1”1oant17 IJUperi.or to- ueataeD. . oon’ta:l.zJ1ng Zn + )In + B,-. )Ia.h. u4 oOl1b l 1ltheir eueot oa Delling peroentqe.

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