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Benha University (2003)

Evaluation at some oases soils using remote sensing technology

Metwaly, Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed

Titre : Evaluation at some oases soils using remote sensing technology

Auteur : Metwaly, Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed.

Etablissement de soutenance : Benha University .

Grade : Master of Science in Agricultural Science 2003

Résumé partiel
Using aerial photo-technique and satellite images for soil mapping of Siwa oasis which is situated between longitudes 25° 16- - 26° T E and latitudes 29° T - 29° 21 N. Photo-analysis was first undertaken for the preparation of the photo-interpretation map using the stereoscope for analysis. The map was then checked in the field by the testing augers for boundary accuracy between the different mapping units. Four sample areas were selected representing the different mapping units. The soil profiles were carefully described in situ ; their morphological features were recorded and samples were collected for laboratory analyses. Image processing techniques through using Landsat enhanced thematic mapper ”ETM+” were grouped into three general subjects : 1)- image enhancement. 2)- geometric correction and data fusion. And 3)- information extraction and image classification. Unsupervised classification, spectral profiles, data merge, and change detection maps were obtained. physiographic units have been identified i.e. 1)- Sand sheets, 2)- Hummocks, 3)- Alkali flats, 4)- Overflow basins, 5)-Decantation basins, 6)- Mountain footslopes, and 7)- Hill footslopes, 8)- Marmarica plateau, 9)- Longitudinal sand dunes, 10)- Terrace sided hills, 11)- Corrosion forms, 12)- Mesas and butes, and 13)- Lakes, water bodies.

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