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Alexandria University (2018)

Comparative Study for in the Irrigation Methods and in the Delta and the Desert Zones

Moustafa, Shorouk Mohamed Salem

Titre : Comparative Study for in the Irrigation Methods and in the Delta and the Desert Zones

Auteur : Moustafa, Shorouk Mohamed Salem.

Etablissement de soutenance : Alexandria University

Grade : Master of Engineering in Irrigation Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics 2018

Egypt covers an area of 1,000,518 km2, and lies within the arid belt of North Africa and southwest Asia. Rainfall is very rare and Egypt is extremely dependant on the River Nile as the main source of the fresh water. Egypt’s municipal, agricultural and industrial water requirements increase with the increase in population and the improvement of living standards. The limited water resources and the more demand showed the importance of finding new sources of fresh water. The purpose of this dissertation is to present different methods of irrigation system. They range from the simple hand watering method used in most home gardens to the huge flood and furrow irrigation systems found in large-scale production. Surface (gravity-driven surface irrigation), sprinkler, drip/micro, and subsurface are types of irrigation methods that are used by farmers to irrigate various crops. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages. But with good design, they can be very successful for appropriate cases. In this study the suitable irrigation method is suggested for the suitable type of soil and site. Also the suitable type of power to be used in certain area is recommended. For the desert lands, the main water resource is groundwater so that extracting water, type of power used and irrigation methods differ from the delta lands case. Crops to be grown should be selected accurately so that it would be appropriate to these conditions. Generally, developed methods of irrigation such as sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation have proved to be more favorable and efficient when they’re well designed and applied in the proper situation. The economical study of any project is important. The method of estimating the cost of the project is presented in details. 1-1- AIM OF STUDY The irrigation method is determined according to some factors such as soil properties, climate, topography, availability of water resource, crop type, cost and power source. So this report aims to study and compare between different types of irrigation at delta and valley areas and desert areas of Egypt. It illustrates the alternatives that can be applied according to the area conditions. The report also contains developed ways that should be considered in the future to optimize crop quality and save our water resources as well.

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