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Integrated water management (Algérie)


Titre : Integrated water management (Algérie)

Pays : Algérie

Lead executing agency : Ministère des Ressources en Eau

Commissioned by : German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Overall term : 2003 to 2011

Algeria’s water sector faces numerous problems in managing its water resources. While the quantities of conventional water resources are sufficient in terms of the overall land area, their availability fluctuates depending on the year and region. The demand for water, which is generally on the rise, is being exacerbated by high population growth and the rural-urban migration. It cannot be satisfied, not least because of the deficiencies in water management. The water sector’s heavily centralised institutions are working primarily to mobilise additional resources, such as seawater desalination, fossil groundwater and others. On the other hand, the option of influencing consumption, the processing and reuse of wastewater, and the conservation of groundwater and the environment have so far been given lower priority. The competent institutions have not steered water management in an integrated and efficient manner, despite the existence of modern legislation and sector reform. Inadequate expertise at various levels is a core problems.

The Integrated Water Management – Algeria programme offers advice on sector policy and strategy and is support ing the creation and implementation of planning and regulation processes. It is also encouraging the introduction of an integrated and participatory water resources management model tailored to rural areas. The support consists of process and technical advice from international, regional and local experts, and also includes material contributions and training measures

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