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Integrated environmental management (Algérie)


Titre : Integrated environmental management (Algérie)

Pays : Algérie

Lead executing agency : Ministère de l’Aménagement du Territoire, de l’Environnement et du Tourisme (MATET)
Commissioned by : German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Overall term : 2001 to 2011

Algeria’s environment has been steadily deteriorating for some years now. The country’s economic growth has gone hand in hand with pollution and the degradation of its natural resources. Rural-urban migration and terrorism in the 1990s that caused approximately 200,000 deaths have contributed to the growth of urban centres and adversely affected the environment. The Algerian Ministry of Environment (MATET) has not yet succeeded in combating the increased urban-industrial environmental problems. Nor has it been able to work with other stakeholders to guide and implement an effective integrated environmental policy.

The programme is supporting the Algerian Ministry of Environment in creating an environmental information system, in anchoring an environmental communication strategy and in designing a waste-sorting and recycling strategy. It trains and advises experts and managers working for the waste management authority (AND) and the national environmental observatory (ONEDD) in conducting organisational development measures and refining strategies and instruments for services offered by their expert authorities.
Together with the national centre for clean production technologies (CNTPP), the programme is also working towards the goal of mitigating industrial pollution. To this end, an approach is being developed to encourage implementation of voluntary agreements on in-company environmental management.
In order to involve the population in protecting the environment and to raise awareness of this issue, the programme is supporting the national conservatory on environmental education (CNFE) in developing and instituting communication and awareness raising strategies. Seminars, a green theatre and green radio have been successfully introduced. An environment train helps put across environmental messages. The programme is also supporting the creation of local environmental centres that use interactive learning strategies to inform Algerian people about these issues.

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