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Heightening of Roseires Dam (Sudan)


Titre : Heightening of Roseires Dam (Sudan)

Pays : Sudan

Organisme : The Saudi Fund for Development

Date Agreement Signed : 21/10/2009

Estimated Completion Date :2014

Executing Agency : Dams Implementation Unit

Project Description and Objectives
The project aims at benefiting from the water of the Blue Nile by increasing the storage capacity of Roseires Dam with about 4.40 billion m3 to reach 7.40 billion m3 and using the spill water to intensify agriculture in an area of 1.70 million hectares of irrigated lands. The project also aims at generating additional hydroelectric energy of about 800 gigawatt/hour per year.

The project includes the following components :
1. Civil works including increasing the heightening of the dam by an additional of 10 meters and increasing the length of the earth embankments on the eastern bank of the river with about 4.50 km and on the western bank with about 7 km in order to increase the storage capacity from 3 billion m3 to about 7.40 billion m3 of water.
2. Hydro mechanical and electric works.
3. Consultancy services.
4. Possession of lands which will be immersed by spill water in the dam lake and resettlement of the affected inhabitants.

Total Cost : 1,612.50 million
SFD’s Contribution : 150.00 million

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