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Rural Development for Eradication of Poverty (Cape Verde)

Cap Vert

Titre : Rural Development for Eradication of Poverty (Cape Verde)

Pays : Cape Verde

Organisme : Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

Date Agreement : juin 2010

Project Description and Components
The project is located in the two islands of “Santiago and “Fogo” and consists of the following components :
1. Basic Services Projects which include small projects in the fields of potable water (construction and rehabilitation of tanks, procurement and installation of household connections, water points electricity supplies and sewerage equipment at site.
2. Income Generation Projects which include small projects in the field of plant and animal production , processing of agricultural and animal products, articinal fishing traditional industries and professions (procurement of equipment and different means of production) and commercial activities
3. Support of thr Project Implementation Unit by provision of office equipment and a means of transport .
4. Consultancy services for the preparation of technical and financial studies for the small projects

Project objectives
The project aims at the contribution to reduction of poverty, improvement of living condition for the poorest group in the rural and semi urban areas through the increase of incomes by improving capacity of production in the income generation activities hence contributing to sustainable development for the poorest groups, in addition to the improvement of their living condition through facilitating their supply with basic services of potable water electricity and sanitation

Estimated Project Cost : US$ 2.50 million
BADEA’s Financing : US$ 2.00 million
Other Sources of Financing : The Government - US$ 0,50 million.

Saudi Fund for Development

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