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Rural Development of the Dakoro Province (Niger)


Titre : Rural Development of the Dakoro Province (Niger)

Pays : Niger

Organisme : Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

Date Agreement : 2007

Project’s Implementation : The physical implementation of the project is scheduled to start beginning of 2009 and last till the end of 2011.

Executing Agency : Ministère du Développement Agricole Direction des Aménagements et des Equipements Ruraux Agricoles

Project Description
The project concerns the Dakoro community, which is part of the Marachi province located in the south-centre of the country and whose centre is approximately 800km east of the capital Niamey.
The project includes the following components : * Rehabilitation of four water-retaining basins and the irrigated fields for the farmers as well as digging 20 wells in the villages which have over 500 inhabitants. * Construction of approximately 76 km of rural road * Construction of general infrastructure : 5 livestock markets ; 10 enclosures for livestock vaccination and 20 stores for agricultural products * Procurement of agricultural equipment * Land protection * Institutional support to the Project Implementation Unit * Consultancy services

Project objectives
The project aims at improving the basic infrastructures for irrigation and rural development and at contribution to the protection of natural resources in the province of Dakor, which will in turn contribute to improving the living conditions of the population, the sustainable use of various natural resources and the protection of the environment. The project also aims at reducing the tedious household chores of the beneficiary rural women, hence lightening their workload.

Estimated Project Cost : US $ 8.335 million
BADEA’s Financing : loan of an amount of US $ 7.50 million
Other Sources of Financing : Government of Niger (US $ 0.835 million).

Saudi Fund for Development

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