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American University of Paris (2021)

Women’s Roles in the Informal Economy of Senegal

Platt, Mary Alice.

Titre : Women’s Roles in the Informal Economy of Senegal

Auteur : Platt, Mary Alice.

Université de soutenance : American University of Paris


[[ Résumé
Since the mid-twentieth century, when most sub-Saharan African countries gained their independence from European colonizers, a variety of theories have sought to explain the relative “underdevelopment” of sub-Saharan African economies : notably, dependency theory, culturalism, coloniality, and extraversion. However, theorizing on economic underdevelopment has failed to address its specific impacts on women. Through a decolonial feminist lens, and with an emphasis on sub-Saharan African feminist theorizing, this thesis seeks to assess the role of women in the informal economy that has developed since independence, notably since the internationalization of past decades. The informal economy is the most pertinent arena to address these issues as women remain disproportionately employed in this unregulated, and insecure, part of the economy. This thesis will use Senegal as a case study to assess women’s roles in the informal economy, 93.7 percent of women’s employment in Senegal being informal. Utilizing official demographic and economic statistics regarding women’s migration and employment (“Enquête Régionale Intégrée sur l’Emploi et le Secteur Informel, ERI-ESI”), as well as academic studies on women’s economic activity, this thesis seeks to analyze the ways in which Senegalese women access economic opportunity. Through a feminist reading of the evidence, this thesis will show the ways in which women continue to be relegated to specific sectors within the informal economy and remain relatively barred from accessing the formal economy. The informal economy is thus the most recent location of women’s socioeconomic subjugation in Senegalese society.

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