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Wageningen University (2018)

The governance of indigenous natural products in Namibia : nature, diversity and dynamics

Ndeinoma, Albertina

Titre : The governance of indigenous natural products in Namibia : nature, diversity and dynamics

Auteur : Ndeinoma, Albertina

Université de soutenance : Wageningen University

Grade : Doctor 2018

Résumé partiel
During the past decades increased attention had been given to the dual roles of NTFPs in fulfilling both livelihood needs and forest biodiversity conservation. These development efforts included measures to improve the governance of NTFPs concerning both access to resources and to markets. Nonetheless, in many cases these products are still poorly regulated around the world. Namibia is one of the countries in which a conscious effort has been undertaken to stimulate NTFP production and to improve their governance. These products are domestically referred to as indigenous natural products (INPs). In order to promote sustainable commercialisation of INPs, an Indigenous Plant Task Team (IPTT) was established in 2003 as a multi-stakeholder forum for fostering development. The IPTT was established to facilitate various pilot projects in production, processing and marketing of INPs in Namibia. As a result a multifaceted system involving multiple stakeholders and overlapping institutions has been developed through which decisions are made and implemented for regulating access to INPs and their markets.

Studies to analyse the structure and process involved in this multifaceted system are scanty in Namibia. As Namibia has undertaken conscious efforts to stimulate NTFP development, this country offers a good opportunity to study the complexity in NTFP governance systems. Applying varied theoretical frameworks that taps from the different concepts of governance, this thesis analyses the nature, diversity and dynamics of different forms and mechanisms for governance of different categories of INPs in Namibia. Governance is a concept from political science literature which reflects changes in policy process from the traditional approach which is centred on top-down, command and control and state-centric authority toward a new multi-actor and multilevel approach. This thesis took a qualitative research approach and data were collected through interviews, focus group discussion, participant observation and document analysis. A combination of these research methods allowed cross-checking and triangulation of information.


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