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Water Conveyance From Bani Haroun Dam (Algeria)


Pays : Algérie

Organisme Financement : Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development

Date : 13-08-2002

Sector : Water and Sewage

Expected Completion Date : 06-2010

Implementing Agency : Ministry of Water Resources

Project Objectives

The project aims at meeting the demand for potable water up to year 2030 for about 3.6 million inhabitants in 6 governorates, and provision of water for irrigation of about 22,000 ha, through utilization of about 504 million m3 of Bini Haroun Dam.

Project Description

Construction of two reservoirs with 500 m3 total capacity, construction of 12 Km of pipes 1900 to 2600 mm diameter, construction of two tunnels one with a length of about 900 m and the other of about 6 Km, in addition to engineering consultancy services


Estimated Project Cost : 275.00 Million Dollars
Kuwait Fund Financing : Loan 2,881,697 KD
Mars 2011 : 1 KD = US$3.40

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