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The Geology of Kuwait

Springer Nature Cham

Titre : The Geology of Kuwait

Editor (s) : Abd el-aziz Khairy Abd el-aal, Jasem Mohammed Al-Awadhi, Ali Al-Dousari
Publisher  : Springer Nature Cham
Date de parution : 2023
Pages : 242

This open access book contains a set of chapters covering all aspects of geosciences related to Kuwait and adjacent regions, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf states. It covers basic information about the geology including a wide range of geoscientific disciplines such as marine geology, structural geology, hydrogeology and geophysics related to the region. This book is aimed at researchers and students, as well as professionals in the field of hazard mitigation and petroleum exploration.

Mots clés  : petroleum exploration Kuwait ; Ground water resources Kuwait ; Burgan oil field ; Zubair Formation ; Bubiyan Island

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Page publiée le 4 avril 2023